What is GSH?

GSH is a scientifically abbreviated form for Glutathione. Glutathione (or GSH) is considered to be the master anti-oxidant. Also, GSH is essential for the maintenance of DNA structure, and has a key role in maintaining iron levels and in turn, immunity.

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Additionally, GSH is a potent anti-oxidant that breaks down free radicals that if left unchecked, may damage cells and DNA. Consequently, this can contribute to signs of ageing and a number of health conditions. Furthermore, GSH also plays a role in the maintenance of lipoic acid, vitamin c and vitamin e levels.

Top benefits of GSH

  • Reduces oxidative stress – when oxygen molecules split into single atoms with unpaired electrons, they become free radicals. Because electrons prefer to be in pairs, free radicals seek out other electrons in the body to become pairs. As a result, free radicals cause damage to proteins, DNA and cells. GSH helps to reduce this
  • Improves immune system functionality by eliminating free radicals
  • Can reduce tremors and rigidity associated with Parkinson’s disease
  • Prevents cell damage associated with a number of different diseases
  • Can help you lose weight

Why do we add GSH to our IV drips?

The body can produce its own glutathione, however, it is depleted by poor diet, toxins, medications, stress, trauma, infection, alcohol, age and radiation. GSH is an essential nutrient and should be part of a healthy diet. Because there are so many factors that can influence your GSH levels, Alive IV Clinics can make up for that shortfall. We aim to ensure you have access to the right nutrients to promote healthy body function.

Furthermore, Alive IV Clinics only use the highest quality nutrients to support healthy body function. Because GSH is so essential for normal body function, if you’re noticing any symptoms of GSH deficiency (see the section below), then you should contact us.

IV drip therapy is far more successful than oral supplements. The effectiveness of oral supplements is limited to your digestive systems ability to absorb all the nutrients. However, IV drip therapy delivers high-quality water-soluble vitamins directly into your bloodstream. This allows for far greater absorption levels when compared to oral supplements.

GSH Deficiency and Symptoms

A deficiency in GSH can lead to a range of symptoms including:

  • Lethargy – lack energy, enthusiasm and always feeling tired
  • Aches and pains in joints or muscles
  • Poor immune function
  • Bad sleep

Keep your vibrant look with Glutathione IV Drips

As we grow older, we all worry about the aging process. It is perfectly natural and this shouldn’t lead you to feel anxious. This, however, does not mean we shouldn’t take certain precautions by giving our body the nutrients that it needs.

Studies have found that oxidative stress may increase with aging. This can lead to illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis and cancer. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that collaborates with enzymes to stop the oxidization of membranes.

With an optimal amount of glutathione, your body is more prepared to protect you against the symptoms of the aging process. Contact us today for more information and to arrange a consultation.

Boost your Glutathione levels with our exclusive Vitamin Drips

We provide premium IV vitamins and IV infusions in Australia. No detail has been spared in creating Australia’s premier IV vitamin clinics. All specifically designed with you in mind.

Glutathione Australia, Glutathione, Alive IV Clinics |  Medical, Health & Wellness

NewCell® IV Refresh


An intensive booster for those times when you just can’t seem to focus. Perhaps you are run-down after a big weekend? Or are recovering from a recent illness? Let NewCell® Refresh get you going, fast.

  • Time required: 30 minutes.
  • Key nutrients: Vitamin B Complex, Standard Strength Vitamin C, Calcium. Potassium, Sodium, Chloride and H2O.
  • Boosters (Add-ons): Vitamin C (single boost $50; double boost $100), Zinc ($50) or GSH ($50)

Can help with the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies.

Glutathione Australia, Glutathione, Alive IV Clinics |  Medical, Health & Wellness

NewCell® IV Recharge


Our classic treatment combing high doses of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. May help boost energy, support the immune system, rehydrate, and help you function at your peak. This intensive all in one IV treatment will help get you optimised and keep you there.

  • Time required: 30 minutes.
  • Key nutrients: Zinc, Vitamin B Complex, Double Strength Vitamin C, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride and H20.
  • Boosters (Add-ons): Vitamin C (single boost $50) or GSH ($50)

Can help with the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies.

Glutathione Australia, Glutathione, Alive IV Clinics |  Medical, Health & Wellness

NewCell® IV Revive


This all-in-one super-charged IV treatment ensures you have all your bases covered and more. Be at your absolute best. Time is your most valuable commodity - make every second count and live life without limits.

  • Time required: 30 minutes.
  • Key nutrients: Zinc, Vitamin B Complex, Triple Strength Vitamin C, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride and H2O.

Can help with the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is glutathione IV drip?

A glutathione IV drip provides the recipient with a boost of glutathione intravenously. This may be beneficial as it bypasses the metabolic system and digestive tract, admitting the antioxidant directly into the bloodstream.

At Alive IV Clinics, we understand how important your health and wellbeing is to the quality of your life. This is why we provide the essential antioxidant glutathione in our NewCell® IV range.

For more information on glutathione IV drips and to book a consultation, contact our friendly team today!

How much does glutathione IV cost?

At Alive IV Clinics, we are thrilled to offer our 3 exceptional NewCell® IV drips. Our aim is to help you on your way to better health and wellbeing.

Firstly, we introduce ‘NewCell® IV Refresh’, intended for those times when you can’t seem to concentrate. Maybe you’re tired after a long week? NewCell® IV Refresh is on your team.

Next, we have NewCell® IV Recharge. Enhanced with more nutrients such as zinc and higher doses of vital vitamins and minerals, this IV drip may help you to improve yourself and function at your peak.

Finally, we present our super-charged therapy: NewCell® IV Revive. This IV drip covers all avenues. When you need a huge lift, this is the IV drip that may assist you. For our NewCell® IV prices, click here.

Are glutathione drips safe?

Our glutathione IV therapies are very safe. Rarely, there could be bruising and soreness where the drip is positioned. There are a few other extremely rare side effects including infections, allergies, and thrombosis around the drip.

These are all treatable by our medical team. For more information on the safety of our IV drips and to book a consultation with one of our expert medical professionals, contact us today! We may provide the little boost you need.

Can glutathione cause liver damage?

No! Glutathione is actually an antioxidant that protects from cell death within the liver! Some people may find that a deficiency in glutathione and other antioxidants increases their likelihood of developing liver disease.

Don’t let a lack of glutathione hurt your liver! Contact Alive IV Clinics today for more information and to book a consultation with one of our highly trained, medical professionals.

Are glutathione IV drips good for you?

There are plentiful reasons for why IV drips may be great for your health and wellbeing. For example, certain IV drips could help to enhance your immune system. Others are meant to combat exhaustion and stress.

IV drips may be able to improve your health and wellbeing by distributing essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids straight into your bloodstream. As a result, it may considerably increase the bioavailability of those nutrients.

This means that your body is far more likely to process nutrients already accessible in your bloodstream than those that have to be absorbed through your digestive system.

Does glutathione help with diabetes?

When your body experiences insulin resistance, it can soon lead to type 2 diabetes. There have been studies to show that people who suffer from insulin resistance may have had a lower glutathione level.

some parallels could be drawn between insulin resistance and a low glutathione level. For more information or to book a consultation, contact us today!

What is Glutathione IV used for?

Your body needs glutathione for many reasons. It can eliminate free radicals, which has been shown to improve your immune system. Also, it can be a great factor in promoting weight loss and reducing the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

We understand that it is extremely hard to get all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that your body needs to stay optimally healthy.

This is why we created our innovative NewCell® IV range. When you are searching for a glutathione IV drip, looking no further than Alive IV Clinics!

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Glutathione Australia, Glutathione, Alive IV Clinics |  Medical, Health & Wellness